Friday, January 27, 2012

Strawberry Yogurt

A beautiful and healthy dessert :) My LM has taken to strawberries suddenly and I was happy when I found some flavoured yogurt, but it was a big disappointment.This yogurt i made she loved it and I thought did more justice to flavoured yogurt than the packed one :)

The idea came from my tiramisu recipe.I wanted to make a chocolate layer too, thinking of the effort for just one cup of yogurt i dropped it!And its not the best of weathers to have yogurt, in Chennai we still have a pleasant winter(surprisingly!)

With our red letter day approaching, this would make a healthy and beautiful dessert too!

Here's how i made it...
Makes 1 cup
Preparation time 10 minutes

You need
Hung curd 3 tablespoons
Frozen strawberries 5
Sugar 2 tsp
Condensed milk 2 tsp
Chocolate chips to sprinkle or chocolate sauce to garnish

  • Blitz the frozen strawberries with the sugar into a red pulp.
  • Mix the hung curd with the condensed milk.
  • In a cup/bowl, alternate the layers one red and other white.
  • Drizzle with chocolate sauce or sprinkle some chocolate chips.

  • Serve chilled :) 
- Once out of the freezer the strawberries will be rock hard, i left it out for about half an hour before making the pulp.
- the first time i made hung curd i used a muslin cloth i thought it was messy,this time i had a fine tea strainer and poured the thick curd in it and half hour later had good thick hung curd :) 

Sending this to Valentine Special @ Anzz cafe, ABC Series :\desserts@Ramya's Recipes"Love Lock with Sweets" hosted by "Killer On The Plate" and created by Vidhya of Sweet Karam Kapi,New year New dish @UK Rasoi, Breakfast Club originally created by Helen@Fuss free Flavours,

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