Saturday, March 28, 2020

Dalgona Coffee

Coffee is a passion for many. I’m sure many of us wake up dreaming of that hot intoxicating smell of coffee. I need one to start my day in the morning. Nothing fancy just a hot strong Bru coffee.

Yesterday while browsing through the many Instagram posts I saw the “Dalgona coffee” it looked superb. Being down doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some simple pleasures. Also given the limited stock of food and grocery items, I am being a little cautious using them too.

So what is this fancy coffee. Nothing much just a layer of cold milk topped up with coffee froth.

To make two cups of this coffee you need

Instant coffee 2 tablespoon
Sugar 2 tablespoon
Hot water 2 tablespoon
Cold coffee 2 cups
Ice cubes (optional)
Garnishes - mint leaves , chocolate chips , grated chocolate, cocoa powder( optional )

- Take coffee , sugar, hot water in a glass or metal bowl. Use a whisk to beat the coffee mixture. It takes about five to seven minutes or more to reach the frothy coffee mousse like texture.
Below is a picture to show you the changes while beating the coffee.

- Take a glass you want to serve the coffee, fill it with cold milk,  add some ice cubes , and use a spoon to top the milk off with the coffee froth. You can add little or more of the froth as per your taste.
- you can add sweetened milk if you like as the only sweetness is in the coffee layer.

Have a safe stay indoors during this time.

Princy Vinoth

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