Friday, November 4, 2011


Hummus is a very popular Middle Eastern Dip.I started making it at home when I discovered tahini in the stores.Although tahini is just sesame seed paste, soaking it and grinding does not work.So I had to use the shop gotten one.Hummus is no more a stranger in our country.There are a whole array of multi-cuisine restaurants serving Middle eastern food.The spellings for Hummus are many -hummushoumoushommoshumos,hoummos, etc. (Read more about Hummus here)

You can have it as a dip, a sandwich spread or on a cracker, anyway you like it!

This is how i make it and we like it lightly spiced and tangy.

You need
Chickpeas/Garbanzo beans 1 cup boiled and cooled
Garlic pods 2
Pepper corns 5 6
Yogurt 2 tablespoon
Tahini Paste 2 tsp
Lime juice 1 tsp
Olive Oil 1 tablespoon
Salt to taste

  • Grind all the above in a blender to a smooth paste.

  • Drizzle the olive oil over the hummus and serve with pita bread, chapatis, or carrot and cucumber sticks.

  • Store the hummus in a dry jar, it will keep good for a week refrigerated.
-  Hummus is traditionally made of the white chick peas, this time i used the brown/kala chana and it tasted fine too.


  1. looks this with burritos and tortilla chips..thanx for the recipe!!
    Do drop by mine when u find time ..following you and would like to invite you to join my space as well...thank you !!

  2. Thanks there on ur followers!love spicyrtreats!!

  3. Looks Yummy, am going to try this, from where u bought Tahini Paste!
    Will be back in your Wonderful Blog!!
    Following You, when u get time drop in to my site too!!!

  4. Kiran U should find it in any shop which has imported stuff or its available in big departmental stores in the sauces section.there are indian brands too.

  5. thanks Princy!!! Will find it!!!


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