Thursday, September 20, 2012

Home made peanut butter

I have always bought a jar of peanut butter since the time i knew peanut butter existed.Until a few weeks ago i saw on tv how easy it was to make it at home, and since then I was itching to make it at home.And i discovered its not only easy but can be made sweet free and less oilier than the bottled ones.

We love peanut butter and to have this home made one is even more better as its free from preservatives and unwanted fat and sugars.

Bread is my all time anytime favourite snack to munch on.This easy and healthy sandwich is so yummy and it has fruit so double yummy!

To make the peanut butter, its not a recipe exactly just the rough procedure :

You need 

Roasted and peeled peanuts as much you need
Oil (i used sunflower oil) 2 3 tablespoons
Rock salt a pinch
Honey as much as you need (if you need to sweeten it)

  • Add all the stuff to a blender or food processor and make into a creamy peanut butter.Add enough oil to make the peanut butter nice and smooth or crunchy as per your taste.
To make the sandwich : spread peanut butter and jam generously on slices of bread and chop a banana and place them in between the bread slices and enjoy.

Hope you all enjoy some creamy delicious home made peanut butter and enjoy your peanut butter sandwich with a hot cuppa tea!

  • Store peanut butter in a clean glass bottle in the refrigerator and it's been good so far been a week now for me.
  • I didn't add any sweetener like i mentioned earlier as we usually have peanut butter and jam and jam is loaded with sugar.Just the salt is good enough to make it taste good.
  • You need to add enough oil to get the right spreading consistency.
  • Check if your mixer jar is dry else the peanut butter may not stay good for too long.

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