Monday, January 19, 2015

Palak Aloo Parathas | Spinach potato stuffed flat breads

We had a really long weekend 5 days precisely and me and my blog were on a holiday too.Lately I think i'll blame the weather for making me feel too lazy to blog luckily i drag myself to cook something simple and this is one such easy lazy day meal that kids and elders will enjoy equally!

aloo palak potato spinach paratha 1

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pasta Cheese muffins| Breakfast Muffins Guest post for Sujitha's Blog

Happy New Year  to  you all.Hoping  everyone enjoyed your holiday season and indulged in lots  of goodies like Me.Try something not sweet.
Muffins are always sweet ?Really - no try these for a change. I've always wanted to try savoury ones i did try once before and liked it too.
These muffins are good to go for breakfast quick and easy especially if you have leftover pasta this has to be the thing.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Parupu vadai | Masala Chana dal vadai | Lentil fritters

Its really cold here in Chennai right now.I go to pick my daughter and feel like having my tea usually make some dosa or bread toasts for the hungry kid I'm surprised to see how she digs in when she gets back at times.While everyone is posting baking recipes for the season this might seem out of place.My laptop is broken and sicne my parents were visiting i had truck loads of stuff to get over with and didn't make sense making or baking anymore with us leaving shortly for our Xmas break.Also after a while today my keyboard is giving me an easy day to type else with my hero banging it up i had a tough time typing my posts i almost lost interest in writing anything.

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