How? I started to cook like many, under constraint (having to feed 2 hungry tummies is a big deal!).But I used to find it intriguing how most women go through cooking marathons!But once I got into the actual thing, I realized...there's nothing more interesting than cooking!It gives me immense pleasure and a sense of achievement to make something from scratch!I love to share the food i cook/make with friends and family!What better way than doing it virtually :)

Inspiration...Spending time on usual meals is another thing and experimenting on some new recipes is like a whole magical new affair!More than inspiration it is observation that tunes cooking.All girls find inspiration in their mothers and I'm no exception.I used to be in awe at how my mother used to set up a dinner/lunch table party.I also love to try and fine tune my skills by watching celebrity cooking shows...my favorites are Nigella Lawson, Rachel Allen and many more.

Why? - "Spicyfoood" showcases a some of my culinary experiments, my newest fancy of food photography and some more!Many of the meals are simple and easy to prepare.Spicyfoood - will show you how easy baking and cooking actually is!Since i started blogging on a regular basis, its more convenient to keep a record of my own recipes(sharing it with you is the pleasurable portion of blogging!)

You can drop me a line at lprincy@gmail.com!

Come and share the Beautiful experiences from the heart of my home to yours :)

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