Monday, November 17, 2014

Papaya Mango Juice|Cooler

I had a really sad week i must say thanks to eye infections and tummy upsets.As much as i love this time of the year in Chennai i hate what it does to our health.This is also the time when fruits are available in plenty.I know i used papaya in a cake last week but then trust me it was good.And this juice was even better!

papaya mango juice1
Papaya is a great fruit for its many beneficial properties but alas not many like it even me not too fond of it because of which it went to the cake and juice.No but i do have it as it is and i like it these days.But my kids they won't even take a glance at it.But the cake went down like magic and juice i just had it myself not leaving for the kids :)

papaya mango juice2

Preparation time: 10 mins
Makes 3 cups
papaya mango juice3You need
Papaya cubes 1 cup
Lime juice freshly squeezed of half a small one
Sugar 1 tsp (optional)
Mango drink(i used bottled ones)
Water as required
Basil leaves/mint leaves 2-3 leaves

  • Just add the papaya cubes with sugar and fresh lime juice to a blender and puree it until smooth.Add little water or more to your preference of consistency.
  • Scoop out this pulp into the glasses, top it with mango drink.
  • Crush the basil or mint leaves and throw it in.
  • Garnish with papaya cubes and lemon slices or wedges.Top it with ice cubes.

 Since the papaya juice is thicker than the mango juice you will get two layers if still you want to be sure about the layers, pour the mango juice over the back side of a spoon slowly.Leave some space to the top if using ice cubes.

papaya mango juice4

papaya mango juice5

The beautiful color of this juice made me take so many pictures went crazy clicking.Then gulped it down :)

You can use fresh mango juice if available i just had this bottle of drink and wanted to try it with the papaya juice.

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