Friday, June 13, 2014

No bake chocolate paneer cheesecake

I have been really late in posting and thats because we had a round of viral infections and I somehow escaped it(thank goodness)!I haven't really taken any pictures or cooked anything for the blog too since we got back from the vacation too.I'm hoping I can push myself to continue feeding the blog which i oh so love.

This paneer cheesecake in a cup was in my mind for sometime but I really don't like to buy store bought paneer too much because I don't like the texture nor do i have the time and patience to make home made paneer anymore, so the last time we got a pack of paneer I tried this dessert.I really liked the rich creamy taste of it.I wanted to make some fresh fruit jelly but again I didn't get any fruit of my choice so i made the top layer with a packet of jelly crystals.
I'm sure home made paneer and fresh fruit jelly will take this dessert to another level will try it sometime when time permits.

You need

To set 4 glasses

For the bottom layer

Digestive biscuits 10 crushed in a blender
Unsalted Butter 3-4 tablespoon

For the cheese layer

Paneer 250 gm
Hung curd 250 gms
Powdered sugar 5 tablespoon
Cocoa powder 2 tablespoon

Top layer
1 pack of cherry jelly crystals

- Mix the crushed biscuits crumbs with the melted butter.I used a glass to set this cheesecake you can use a round cake tin.Press the biscuits with spoon or fingers tightly to the bottom of the glass.Refrigerate until you prepare the next layer.
-In a blender, add the paneer, cocoa powder, hung curd and sugar.Blend until smooth.Pour little of this mix into each of the prepared glasses over the biscuit layer.
- Refrigerate for 2  hours.
- Prepare the jelly according to instructions, pour over the cheese layer allow to set.
- Top with chocolate chips.

 No bake paneer chocolate cheesecake in a cup is ready to devoured.


  1. yummy dessert..nice decoration....Please visit my space too

  2. yummy cheese cake,love the colors :)

  3. this looks really good dear... cheesecake and that too no bake is always welcome... :)

  4. Very refreshing and beautiful cheesecake, an elegant dessert.


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