Thursday, July 24, 2014

Home made condensed milk

There are n number of sweets and desserts that call for condensed milk and whenever I look at one and don't have it in stock my heart sinks.Now I think it won't because I can make some of my own instead of running to the store!My LM (like me) loves to lick off a can of condensed milk so I'm waiting with some for her to eat once she gets from school.

Homemade condensed milk 2
There are times these days when I'm actually thinking if I can go on with this blog.I don't take pictures that often.Its becoming hectic with a super active toddler climbing away.The minute I decide to do something he's here to rock the party!Even when I decided to make this he was fast asleep the minute I put in on the table to take a picture he was there behind me.However silent I am he knows Mummy's upto something.I have to keep him occupied while I click away in hurry a few pictures, then edit and post this all while he takes his tiny naps.Is it just mine or don't babies sleep longer these days!Whomever I;ve asked tell me "its the boy child they don't sleep" well I just have to get used to my lil super rockstar!!

 Condensed milk most of us know it as milkmaid which is a brand of this condensed milk in markets.I don't remember when I first tasted it but ever since i know however guilty I feel I can't put down a tin without licking a bit of it.And then i suddenly saw that it can be made at home.And here it is!!
condensedmilk 2

condensed milk 3

Preparation time 10 minutes
Yields a 200gm plus somemore bottle of condensed milk
Homemade condensed milk 4

You need

Milk powder 1 cup
Soft Butter 1/4 of a cup
Granulated sugar 1/2 cup
Boiling water 1/4 cup

A clean container to store
The wet jar of your blender

Theres no recipe as such just add all this into the blender jar along with the bubbling hot water and blend until smooth.Scrape the sides of the jar and blend for a couple of times until its nice and smooth.

Store the condensed milk in a clean container.

Just a quick collage of the process.

Homemade condensed milk how to

creamy condensed milk at home

Enjoy making some delicious condensed milk at home and use them in your dessert recipes.

Notes : 
- Use good quality milk powder, leftover or older ones can leave your milk smelling too milky.
- I added the above measurements but I'm sure you can reduce the sugar levels and make it less sweeter.
- I've stored in a clean jam container and stashed it in the refrigerator while I wonder how to use that soon.


  1. YUM YUM ! Bookmarked... will try this for sure :)

  2. home made is always the best...thank you for sharing this useful post...yummmm

  3. Beautiful. Very welcoming milkmaid.. Sure my milkmaid tin goes empty, I will come back to your blog to take note once again😊

  4. OOOOO..oo that oo can go on cause I am drooling here. :)

  5. dt's really good,Princy..never wondered to make condensed milk at home,this looks delicious :)

  6. Really that easy!!wow!

  7. The pictures u put together for the recipe is superb & very tempting !!

  8. The pictures u put together for the recipe is superb & very tempting indeed!!

  9. very useful post...happy to follow u dear....

  10. Wow ...this is really good ..very useful post..

  11. delicious tempting preparation dear

  12. wow, you made your own condenesed milk!!


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