Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pasta Cheese muffins| Breakfast Muffins Guest post for Sujitha's Blog

Happy New Year  to  you all.Hoping  everyone enjoyed your holiday season and indulged in lots  of goodies like Me.Try something not sweet.
Muffins are always sweet ?Really - no try these for a change. I've always wanted to try savoury ones i did try once before and liked it too.
These muffins are good to go for breakfast quick and easy especially if you have leftover pasta this has to be the thing.

The multi talented Sujitha from SujithaEasyCooking asked me to do a guest post and I took the opportunity to try something new so i can give her a good post hope I've done justice!

Sujitha is a very versatile Homemaker, software professional and a blogger all in one.Her page is loaded with many easy to cook and enticing indian recipes and other cuisines especially from the South.I loved her fish biryani and chicken tikka recipes recently. I loved her holiday season bakes like yule log and plum cakes .I love to see her colorful food pictures too. Hop along and go take a look at her blog.

We bloggers meet and make new friends almost daily thanks to blogging and I'm thankful to have a virtual family always there at the click of a button.Sujitha is one such friend/food blogger who is always around i see her posting simple easy indian meals and dishes, we also belong to the same native place.Thanks for the lovely opportunity dear.

A short something about me - My name is Lourdes Princy, i blog at Spicy Foood (with an extra O) :) .This blog was started way back in 2006 when I didn't have the patience to ponder on a good name for th url, but I actively started blogging only in 2011 when my daughter started schooling and I had tons of time in hand.I'm a housewife/blogger/wannabe baker - attending to my two angels full time.I love to cook and serve my dear ones and love to hear their comments. Since food photography is a major part of food blogging now venturing into food photography is my all time favorite passtime.

Hop along to Sujitha's space to read the rest of the recipe.

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