Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mango Froyo - frozen yogurt

Its mango season and its summer season too.This season unlike last year we had a lot of freshly plucked mangoes and so lesser tension eating them not having to think about the chemicals or pesticides.My kids love ice cream and in the greedy intention of making my son have some form of milk i tried this recipe which was yummy but he ran away seeing it.

Just when i thought we were done with mangoes for this season i got some when someone came visiting to our place and they were really huge and yummy banganapalli ones.
This recipe is such a easy and yummy one, it is a healthier cousin to ice creams.I love it that it is do-ahead dessert.I forgot to whisk it every 45 minutes for 3-4 times and so the top was a little crystalline.

Preparation time : 30 minutes

You need

Mango pulp 2 cups
Greek yogurt/Hung curd 2 cups
Lime juice 1 tsp
Sugar 2-3 tablespoons (optional or as needed)

  • Take the curd(if using greek yogurt skip this step) and place it in a muslin cloth over a strainer and allow to drain the whey for 15 minutes.
  • Dice the mangoes and blend it with half cup yogurt and the sugar.
  • In a mixing bowl, add the hung curd and the lime juice whisk well until lump free and smooth or add in a blender or food processor.Add the mango pulp and whisk well.
  • Pour into a freezer friendly dish and freexe.After the first 45 minutes take the bowl out and whisk well.Repeat this again after 1 hour and again 2-3 times.

Freeze the froyo overnight and serve topped with sprinkles or chopped pistachios.

Enjoy this simple and tasty mango froyo with nuts or sprinkles of your choice.


- Whisk the froyo a couple of times to prevent crystallizing.
- If the mango pulp is sweet enough check the sugar amount.

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