Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kalkals-Sugar coated fritters

Kalkals are Anglo-indian speciality sweets typically made during Christmas to share the joy of the season with friends and family.Typically the kalkals are shaped like curls, deep fried and sugar coated.

I know its way past Christmas now,but I thought i'd share this recipe for the Easter Season :) I first tasted kalkals when my neighbour a mangalorean aunty used to share them for Christmas.They had a whole array of specialities for the Christmas season.I really miss those days when we used to get some goodies for all the festivals-Diwali,Vishu,Eid,Christmas :)

Now to the recipe, this is the eggless version i have seen people using eggs too.

You need
Maida/all purpose flour 2 cups
Rawa/semolina 1tablespoon
Dalda/butter 1/4cup
Salt a pinch
Sugar 3/4cup
Water 1/8th cup
Vanilla essence 1tsp
Icing sugar/powdered sugar about 1 cup (enough to coat the kalkals )
Oil to deep fry
  • Mix flour,rawa,salt,sugar in a bowl.Slightly melt the butter and add to the flour and mix it to make a smooth dough.Add water little by little to make the dough.

  • Leave the dough for 15 minutes.
  • To make the kalkals, pinch a small ball of dough and place it on the back of a fork,press with your finger so the impressions form on the dough then roll into a curl.Repeat for all the dough.
  • Deep fry the kalkals until golden brown and once you remove it from the oil drop into a dish with icing sugar/powdered sugar and coat well.

  • Crispy sweet kalkals are ready to be served.These can be stored in air tight containers for 2 -3 days.
- I needed a little more than 1/8th of a cup of water use as per your requirement.
- Some people make a nice thick sugar syrup and pour it over the kalkals so they have a thick sugary layer.I thought this was good enough sweet and had a crunch of sugar.

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