Friday, April 27, 2012

Li'melon Cooler

We had some summer rains this morning here in sunny Chennai.We have some cool relief but not as much as I wanted it!
Water melon and sweet lime are 2 summery cool fruits which was a great hit when i combined them both.

Watermelon is a a seasonal fruit which is a wonder fruit in itself.Its so thirst quenching and cooling and so aptly available during the summers.Nowadays theres no such thing as seasonal fruits as we get them from one source or the other but the watermelon definitely tastes better in the summers.Check out the health benefits of watermelon juice here.

Sweet lime/mosambi is a cooling citrus fruit which is beautiful.On our way from college there used to be this juice guy and we used to pick one glass each day everyday it used to be such a blessing to keep us going after a long day at college until we got home.

To make this juice you need

Water melon flesh deseeded and chopped 1 cup
Sweet lime/musambi juice of 1

  • Put the water melon and sweet lime juice with a little water if you need the water melon will have enough water content and blend it well until frothy.

  • Pour it into glasses and serve immediately.Enjoy the sweet cooling juice.
- you can add mint leaves,ginger and a pinch of pepper for a spicy drink.
- I haven;t added any sweetening agents as my juice was sweet enough.

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Chilled Delights

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