Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winner of CEDD17 and CEDD17 Cake's gallery

I recently held an event the first ever on my blog.I was happy Raven of CEDD gave me the opportunity to do so, thanks Raven.

I received 29 entries.Thank you to all those who made my event a big success.

The winner is Janine Bruce for her Mulled red wine velvet cake.Congratulations Janine!

Janine Bruce -  Mulled red wine velvet cake

I'm giving you a image gallery of the entries for your eyes to feast upon!! :)
Sharanya - Steamed eggless banana cake
Eggless pumpkin raisin cake
Eggless Beet cake

Sangeetha Priya-Checker board cake

Padmaja Thommandra - Zucchini,carrot n cranberry cake

Archana Vijay - neopolitan cake

Harshada - Christmas fruit cake

Zareena - eggless vanilla cupcakes

Divya Pramil - mini banana walnut pressure cooker cake

Eggless christmas cake

Ramya - Badami cake

Saraswati - neopolitan cake

Amrita vishal - Chocolate almond cake

Fabida Abdul- Chocolate almond cake

Pallavi - Almond peanut chocolate cake

cake 1
Fruit cocktail cake

Mirielle - Banana upside down cake
Banana Upside down -iPiccy.jpg.jpg

Sandhya - Neopolitan cake
Neopolitan cake (20).JPG

Jaleela banu - Eggless chocolate nuts mug cake

or cake5.jpg

Griddle Cake01.JPG




vanilla cake 1.JPG

Chandrani Banerjee - Eggless chocolate nuts cake


Thanks to all the participants again!

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