Friday, November 15, 2013

I just won something :)

As much i love to send in entries to Blog events winning it makes it even more special.I don't get much time to blog too much with a toddler on the move.He's just about climbing about everything and so i have to be after him for safety.Us women just love our cookware and when Shweta asked me what i wanted i chose cookware even though bakeware was more tempting. I'm glad i chose cookware because it will be put to good use soon!

When i saw this Cook with white event on Merry Tummy I had just posted my mom's paal kozhukattai recipe which i enjoyed making and we all enjoyed having.So i sent it across and I won this Pigeon Frying pan.Thanks Shweta for choosing me winner and sending me over this cute little frying pan!

These white beauties won that pan - Paal Kozhukattais

Thanks for the certificate Shweta!

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