Sunday, March 8, 2015

Home made popcorn with corn kernels

Love popcorn?Don;t buy the packed ones dripping with oil and fat.These use lesser fat and lesser oil.I saw my friend Vidya do this first only then did i try using this method.Since then i never buy any packed popcorns i only buy kernels and pop them at home.

Popcorn is way healthier than any other snacks i feel its more filling too for both us elders and the kids.
Earier i used to buy the microwave popcorns and everytime i opened it i used to wonder why the hell its so oily.I think i found a good and better solution by making it at home.

Preparation time 10m inutes

You need

Corn kernels 1 cup
Oil 4 tablespoons
Salt to taste
Chilli powder 1/2 tsp optional

  • Heat a deep heavy saucepan or vessel, place on the stove and oil to this vessel, now add the corn kernels, mix well so all the kernels are coated well with oil.Add salt and chilli powder and mix too.
  • Turn on the flame and keep stirring. COver with lid and keep the flame on sim very medium heat.The kernels start popping and when the frequency reduces to almost 1 per second you can turn off the heat.
  • Most of the kernel will have popped.
  • You can add butter or pepper instead of oil and chilli powder.

My kids love popcorn anytime and i never buy them from out these days.Enjoy some healthy popcorn made at home anytime all time.


- The kernels are local shop packed and not any branded ones.Not all packed ones pop properly so try different shops if not successful at one go.
- Last time i got bigger kernels they were infested and also when i returned i saw the regular smaller ones.I learnt the bigger ones are used to make corn flour.

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