Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Muskmelon|Cantaloupe juice

Summer is here we are already using the AC bye bye cooler days until later this year - You will be busy. The sniffles are making their way now as the weather changes and it is scary to hear about harmful epidemics making their rounds too.Just hope everyone stays safe.No matter how many vaccines we take these days virus gets even more powerful i guess.

We are getting busy these days as we are moving to our new place shortly the to-do list is only getting longer!By the time we move in i think we'll have enough!But we are thoroughly enjoying it and looking forward to new beginnings!

I don;t know I have this blogging block now somehow don't get down to blog.I do click pictures because that is something I can't stop.

 You need

Musk melon/cantaloupe 1 small
Lime 1 large
Sugar 3 tablespoons or as needed
Mint leaves 2 sprigs
Water  1/2 cup

  • Peel the musk melon, scoop out the seeds and discard this.Chop the fruit roughly and add to a blender.Add the remaining ingredients and blend smoothly.Pour in desired glasses and serve chilled.

Enjoy this fruity tangy juice to beat the heat this summer.

- You can use other sweeteners like honey instead of sugar.
- YOu can skip the mint leaves and use it only for garnish.

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