Thursday, October 26, 2017

French Fries

French fries are something everyone young or old enjoys.My son loves french fries ofcourse potatoes are the only vegetable he likes to eat.I'm wondering if thats the case with many mothers these days.Like we say necessity is the mother of all invention.I used to make fries at home and it was oily,soggy and all my guilt stopping me from making it at all.This may not be perfect like the store brought ones but atleast i know theres nothing added to it.

I know i take long gaps between blog posts, I'm really trying to come back to blogging regularly.
When we went for our vacation my little guy suddenly asked for fries, and i ordered a pack from the cafeteria below our home, and then as convenient it is I picked a huge bag of frozen fries.But when i got back i really didn't want to buy it here.So i tried this method.Give it a try you'll like it.I happened to try this accidentally (by the way).I had a cooked potato sitting in the fridge which I didn't use up the previous night for dinner, so i cut into thin fries and dredged it in corn flour and fried it.Thats where the trick lies you need to double fry it.Don't worry it won't drink up all the oil in your pan.

You need

Potatoes large 2-3
Corn flour 3-4 tablespoons (as required)
Salt to taste, pepper to taste
Oil to deep fry

Kitchen towels to drain the fries.

  • Pressure cook the potatoes until soft not mushy.
  • Allow to cool down and peel them.Cut the potatoes into thick slices length wise so you get long fries, then slice them into fries.
  • IN a bowl, add cornflour and add the sliced potato fries and toss them so every piece gets a good coating of the corn flour.
  • Place this in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
  • Heat oil in deep pan, add the chilled fries a few at a time on medium high(should not be too low) flame.Allow it to fry for a minutes and drain it on a kitchen towel.Repeat for the rest of the batch.once its all done, refry the fries until golden brown.They'll turn crispy.
  • Repeat for the entire first time fried batch.
  • Toss salt and pepper as needed on the fries.

The fries will be soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.Serve hot with tomato sauce or just devour it as it is.Guilt free, preservative free, home made french fries to enjoy.


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