Monday, August 26, 2013

Maaladoo/Pottu kadala ladoo/Roasted gram ladoos

Its festival time and holiday time in school so these lil tiny bite sized goodies are really needed to occupy the kids and their mouths!Last week we LM had model exams in school yea for 1st standard kids, and I chose to relax this last weekend because it felt like I went back to school!!

I had tried besan(chick pea flour) ladoos and thought the process especially the roasting the flour bit was too confusing.Well in this ladoo that process can be easily omitted and so i feel its good healthy and yummy :) 

My daughter and everyone loved these and i know these are those go-to sweets in case of emergency.Did i tell you my LM loves ladoos because her fav cartoon guy the great Chotta Bheem loves them!Ahem..while i'm still wondering when Popeye the sailor can eat Spinach why can't our indian Bheem have something healthy.Ladoos are yummy especially these!

Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Makes about 20 ladoos(small size)
Recipe source : Here

You need 

Pottu kadala/roasted gram 1 and 1/2 cups
Ghee half cup(or more) melted
Sugar powdered with 2-3 cardamoms only seeds needed
Broken cashews nuts 3 tablespoons

- Powder the gram in a mixer and sieve for any large bits.
- In same mixer jar powder sugar with the cardamom pods and keep aside.
- In a thick bottom pan, add the ghee, now add the nuts and fry till brown.Drain onto a plate.
- In same ghee in the pan, add the ground gram/kadala powder and toast it until the mixture is a little course.Turn off the heat.
- Add the powdered sugar and fried nuts.
- Allow the mixture to cool a little and clump mix with both hands to form balls.Repeat for all the mixture.

A brief pictorial :

Notes : 
- The amount of ghee may vary depending on quality of dry ingredient.
- My  ladoos had just enough ghee they did hold shape if you want you can add some more ghee to make them into balls.
- Cardamom pods powder better with sugar.You can peel the cardamoms and use the peels in your tea.

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