Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pomegranate Lassi

Fruits day in school-LM had to take a pomegranate(anar)!She had some and the remaining was lying around!Just as I was wondering what to do(rather than just eat it) with those beautiful lil pinky pearls :) blink blink-Idea!

Lassi is a popular cooler/drink in Northern India- a yogurt based sweet/salty shake.

In this sweltering heat, I detest the idea of having my otherwise favorite tea!I thought let me make a cool refreshing lassi :) My thoughts "why not a pomegranate lassi?" I know pomegranate lassi doesn't sound too typical like the mango lassi, but this was really rejuvenating!

Pinky pearls with lovely spices!

You need
[to make 1 glass of lassi]
Yogurt 1 cup
Sugar/Honey to taste
Pomegranate seeds 2-3 tablespoons
Pistachios few shredded
Clove,cardamom one each

- You just need to blitz all of the above in a mixer and run it until the yogurt gets nice and frothy!You can add water if you want.

- Serve it in a tall glass and ready to cool you down :)

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