Monday, August 1, 2011

Bread Bhajji

I am a great fan of bread,not that we get too many in India so just play around with the ones we get.Bread bhajis taste with a masala chai :)

you would need

Bread slices (cut in 4s) 6 nos
Besan 1 cup
Water to mix
Salt to taste
Asoefetida a pinch
Coriander leaves (chopped) a tablespoon
Onions 1 tablespoon(finely chopped)
Red chilli powder 1/4 tsp (or as much heat as you need/can add chopped green chillies too)
oil to deep fry

- Mix all of the above except the bread.Mix it into a thick batter so that it gives a nice thick coating to the bread.
- Coat the bread in the batter and drop it in nice hot oil,fry until golden brown.

- Serve with tomato sauce and hot tea :))

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