Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Plantain fritters/Pazham bhajji

Ask any south indian and this has to be among their favorite snacks :) Mine too!Pazham pori, pazham bhajji, ethakka appam --- its got more names but i like to call it kerala banana bhajji.Since we are geographically neighbours we also share a common tea time snack!

I make this easy snack whenever these plantains find their way into my kitchen.My daughter is against trying new stuff so if i take the whole plantain or cut into round slices (like how my mom used to give it to me) she will just refuse to eat it.So i need to redress the plantain in this form to get her to eat it.Call it - Food makeovers - Pleasures of motherhood :)

These plantains are really healthy much more than our regular bananas.My keralite friends tell me that they even give these plantains in a  dry powdered form to toddlers.

To make this you need

Ripe Plantains/nendram pazham 1
All purpose flour 2 tablespoons
Rice flour 2 tsp
Salt a pinch
Sugar to taste 2 tsp(optional)
Turmeric powder a pinch
Baking soda a pinch (optional)
Oil to deep fry

  • Slice the plantains into round slices or into long wedges or you can use it on the whole too.
  • Mix the all purpose flour and rice flour with salt,sugar and turmeric powder.Add lil water to make a not too loose batter such that it coats the plantain slices.
  •  Heat oil and drop the coated plantain pieces one by one and fry until golden brown on both sides.

Serve crispy hot pazham pori/bhajjis with tea :) 

- The rice flour is meant to make the outer coating crispier.
- Baking soda can be omitted, if added it will give you a nice puffy outside.
- Sugar is optional as the plantain is sweet enough i omitted it.

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