Friday, June 7, 2013

Bittergourd fritters/Karela pakodas

Most of us detest bitter gourd but almost everyone likes them fried.These are just a different version of fried bitter gourd rings.Try them you'll love them.

I get really happy and gleam with happiness when the clouds come in and its about to rain, especially in dry places such as this when the few drops of rain come down the drenched trees top dancing with new shine make me all the more joyful.As i type this post the skies are darkening and I can hear the rain drops fall on the leaves, the cool winds in my bedroom and scent of wet soil fills my mind and soul.I love the monsoons!

My mom actually told me to try it this way even though i have tasted pavakka pakoda a few years ago from some chips' vendor i never tried it at home.These really turned out good and are a great side dish to any pulav or just plain sambar/rasam and rice.

You need
Bitter gourd 2 medium
Besan/ kadala maav/gram flour 3 tablespoon
Rice flour 2 tsp
Salt to taste
Chilli powder 1 tsp
Chopped curry leaves 2 sprigs
Crushed garlic 2
Water to sprinkle and mix the above
Oil to deep fry

- Wash the bittergourds and cut them into thin rings.Place them in a large mixing bowl, now add the remaining ingredients.
- Sprinkle water little by litte so that the flours evenly coat the rings thinly.Let this rest for about half hour or more.
- Deep fry them and drain them onto kitchen towels.

- Serve hot with pulav and raita.

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