Friday, June 28, 2013

No bake/Cook - Nutella cookies

Do I even need to ask if anyone loves Nutella. I made this for my LM she licked the nutella and gave me the rest of the stuff.You want a party pleaser this is what you should make!

I am part of JCO Cyber potluck and my partner is Manjula of Desi fiesta this recipe is from her space.Do check out her other interesting dishes!
Into the refrigerator
This is such an easy recipe that theres not much of a recipe :) 

You need
Honey loops
Sprinkles or MnMs/gems

Muffin tray liners

- Add the honey loops in a bowl and add enough nutella to coat all the honey loops.
- Drop spoonfuls of this nutella mixture into muffin liners and set in the refrigerator until they are set.

Yummylicious nutella no bake/cook cookies are ready to be devoured!


  1. I know how addictive this Cookies will be, drooling here..

  2. Kids will love it...Nice one :)

  3. kids will surely love it and glad that you made these yummy cookies dear :) you made them very well and looks super delicious :)


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