Thursday, September 26, 2013

My First Blog Event - Its Birthday Party time Event

Come October both of my lil angels came into our lives.Last year this time i was counting days for my AJ to come into my arms.This year so soon he's crawling and pulling down everything and elder sis squeezes him and we are yet to see their big screams and fights.
I want to celebrate their birthday month here so i thought of coming up with an event.

Its a Virtual Birthday Party come join us and bring all your kid friendly stuff - sweets,cakes, finger foods, drinks, ice creams, chocolates, ... i can go on! in short anything and everything kids love.You are all welcome :)

Rules for the event :
  1. Event will be from 1st October to 31st October.
  2. Cook with any ingredients(pls don't bring main course items like rice and curries) kids' friendly dishes like sweets, cakes, chocolates, pizzas, cocktails, juices, etc are recommended.
  3. Both Veg and non veg are allowed.
  4. Any number of fresh entries are allowed but only 1 archived entry if linked back to this page.
  5. Linking of recipes to this announcement page is mandatory.  
  6. Like Spicy Foood on Facebook and Follow us of g+.
  7. Usage of logo is not mandatory though it helps to spread the word.
  8. Non bloggers can also participate in the event. Please sent the entries with a photograph in the following format to
  •   Your name
  •   Entry name
  •   Recipe
  •   Photograph      
          Submit the entries using the linky tool.It will be active on the 1st of October 2013
            If you have any problem in linking send your entries to in the following format
              •    Your name
              •    Entry name
              •    Entry url
              Come join the party and lets have fun the virtual way :)

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