Monday, September 2, 2013

Fruit Verrines

I love desserts in a cup now even though i end up losing my cup most of the times but more than eating it i love to make it!I enjoy the colors and layers that show through the glasses.You can get as creative as you can with these.I intended to make a black forest pudding but this is what i ended up with.The result was great :)

Everyone seems to be enjoying these multi colored desserts more than the ones that are more humbler which makes me want to try more of such desserts :) Check out my others Tiramisu and Custard jelly in a cup.

 Preparation time :  20 minutes plus cooling time

To make this you need

Fruits - strawberry,mango
I used dried strawberries feel free to use fresh ones

Layer one
Chocolate cake 4-5 slices

Layer two
Mango cubes of one medium sized mango

Layer three
Strawberry flavoured yogurt few tablespoons

To top with Peanut candy 4-5 pieces

- Soak the dried strawberries in some water so the water will get a nice strawberry flavour.If using fresh berries cook them with sugar and water for a few minutes then strain the fruit and liquid.

To make flavoured yogurt,you need - Hung curd 4 tablespoons
Add 1 tsp of sugar add the cooked berries and blitz in a blender.Mix this to the hung curd to get flavoured yogurt.

- To assemble the verrines, add the chocolate cake to the bottom add a few tsps of the fruit flavoured liquid we had strained.
- Add mango cubes above this.
- Add the flavoured yogurt on top of this.
- Repeat these three layers to fill the glass to the top.
- Garnish the tops with peanut candy bits.

Notes :
- I used ready made chocolate cake and peanut candy.
- To make hung curd, use a thin cloth over a strainer and pour some curd onto the cloth, the whey will separate from the milk solids.Leave this for a few hours.Then beat the thick milk solids well with a whisk or fork to make it creamy.

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