Friday, September 27, 2013

Sheera/ Semolina Pudding

Sheera(from the north) is just a distant cousin of our Rawa kesari from the south.Its surprising how India is so much diverse in its cultures and its cuisines.Similar foods with different names and variations made all across the length and breadth of our country.There are more than one names and versions to this sweet.

I make sheera often for my LM who surprisingly doesn't love the fluffy kesari(orange color especially) and that kesari is also a big too sweet for her.I made Sheera with less fat and sweet a low cal version for her i must say but I'm happy she likes it atleast.

But this is a simplified version i know the oringal Maharastrian version uses much more ingredients like coconut, sesame seeds.

You need
Rawa/semolina 1 cup
Water 1 cup
Milk 1 cup
Butter 1 tablespoon 
Sugar 3 tablespoons (or more)
Cardamom/elaichi/elaka powder a pinch
Salt a pinch

Almonds 4 slivered

- Heat butter on a low flame add the rawa to this and roast until it gets fragrant.
- Add the milk and water and cover and cook until the rawa soaks all the liquid.
- Add the sugar and mix well.
- Toast the nuts in a teaspoon of butter and top the sheera with it.

- Enjoy yummy sheera with your evening tea.

Some of my notes : 

- Adding raw or roasted rawa is ok as we toast it with butter first.
- You can be more generous with the sweetness and the butter it will be still better :) 
- Once this cools it will be a little tight in consistency but thats because of the lesser oil and liquid content.

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