Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wonderful Mother Nature

Mother Nature has been extremely generous in giving us her rare and precious gems of love all through these years. Though man has never been grateful to Her. We instead destroy the forests and make concrete jungles everywhere. In this present day when children are surrounded by gadgets and technical marvels, it would be the primary duty of us parents to educate them to the true beauty and I inner value of Nature.

My daughter enjoys taking care of the plants in our backyard with her grandparents. They always encourage her to water the plants and take care of the plants they have in their little backyard. During our last vacation we even enjoyed a home grown pineapple and do I even have to tell you how yummy it was.She enjoys taking a tour of the flowers and vegetables daily during her holidays.

These are pictures from our little kitchen garden and front yard.

Being brought up in the city I hadn't seen many plants they grow like brinjal blossoms, custard apple, corn cobs, green chillies and we being South Indian our wonder herb curry leaves grow abundantly and my little girl loves to pluck it for our daily cooking.

I'm just glad that there are still nature loving people and would be really wonderful if schools and colleges nurture the love of nature into the new generations so we can protect our Mother Nature for the years to come.

This is going to the Welcome to Kissanpur contest from Indiblogger.


  1. u seem to have a great garden there..good job :)

  2. it's always good to have your own kitchen garden... apartment life here gives such limited options... lovely dear...

  3. wow lovely garden dear :) you have maintained it very well :)


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