Thursday, March 13, 2014

Yelllow pumpkin and coriander leaves paratha

Two weeks ago I received this lovely book full of delicious recipes of parathas.It was a giveaway i won for an event.I usually always want to make and post something from the other books also but it never happens I'm sure you'll know its not everyday one cooks out of a book.But this book I am sure will be put to good use because one i make chapathis daily and second parathas are a super easy way to sneak in veggies.Oh and theres a third reason too you don't need a side dish especially to go with it so when you want to escape cooking make one delicious paratha!

I won this for my radish parathas recipe at Rafeeda's BST for the ONLY event which is Pari's brain child.Thank you Pari and Rafeeda for choosing me winner.

I've already made this recipe a few times since i got the book.Pumpkin is a very versatile vegetable and you can use it well in your bakes and cooking like so and it's just so magical the taste and texture of the parathas.The actual recipe from the book mentions palak(spinach) but since I've not been able to find a decent bunch these days I used some fresh coriander leaves.

Preparation time - half hour excluding resting time
Recipe Source : Tarla Dalal 

You need

Wheat flour 2 cups
Pumpkin grated finely 2 cups
Coriander leaves finely chopped 4-5 tablespoons
Salt to taste
Dhaniya/Coriander seed powder 1/2 tsp
Red chilli powder 1/2 tsp
Water as required
Oil 2 tsp
Oil or ghee to cook the parathas

  • Grate or puree the pumpkin add to a mixing bowl.Add the finely chopped coriander leaves and the rest of the ingredients and mix well.
  • You will need very little more water as the pumpkin mix is wet enough.Add accordingly and make a smooth soft dough.All this to rest for one hour.
  • Pinch small balls and roll out into parathas.Repeat for all the dough.
  • Heat a tawa/griddle, cook all the parathas applying oil or ghee on either sides.
  • Serve hot with thick yogurt and pickle.

Healthy and yummy pumpkin parathas are ready.They are so colourful too.


  1. good idea to make my family members eat pumpkin...will try it soon

  2. This is really a healthy and tasty paratha. Will try it soon.

  3. Creative healthy paratha. The mild sweet taste of pumpkin goes well with rotis. Nice Princy

  4. Healthy paratha...... Looks very flavorful!!

  5. Very interesting and aromatic paratha, congrats on ur win..

  6. Pumpkin paratha looks really yumm I will try it. once I buy pumpkin.


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