Friday, October 24, 2014

Eggfree Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake in a Cup|No bake No gelatin| Do it ahead desserts

I have a new found love for desserts in a cup I have tried to make a few earlier and its nice to always have a share just for each one of you than bowls of dessert lying around not that anyone is complaining!This one is truly heaven in a cup first time I ignored the calories going into this one cup of goodness I must say.

No bake gelatin free egg free strawberry cheesecake
I just have one piece of advice that is use a smaller glass than this because it was too filling for us.Other than that there was a thumbs up from all of us.
My other desserts in a cup are Tiramisu in a cup - eggless and alcohol free
fruit verrines, fruit custard in a cup.

No bake gelatin free egg free strawberry cheesecake1

No bake gelatin free egg free strawberry cheesecake2

Preparation time : 30 minutes
Makes 4 cups

You need
For biscuit layer

Biscuits 75 gm packet chocochip or plain Marie biscuits 
Butter melted 2-3 teaspoons

    No bake gelatin free egg free strawberry cheesecake3
  • crush biscuits with a rolling pin to get almost a cup of biscuit crumb.
  • Melt butter and mix into the biscuit crumbs.
  • Mix the above two well until the crumbs look moist. Then layer it on the bottom of a cup or flat dish whichever you want to use. Tightly push it down with a spoon.
  • Refrigerate till you do the next layer.

Cheese layer

150 gm Philadelphia low fat cream cheese
175 tin of nestle cream or amul cream or equal quantities
Strawberry crush or fresh or frozen or dried strawberry plus two tsp of sugar or as you need.
  • Make strawberry purée with the sugar and lil water if needed.
  • Bring cream cheese and cream to room temperature and whisk until smooth mix the strawberry purée too.
  • Take the glasses and fill two three tablespoons of this cheese mixture into the glasses above the biscuit layer. Set in the fridge.

I topped it with chocolate whipped cream.You can just eat it as it is or add some grated chocolate sprinkled on top. Or chocolate sauce. or crumbs of cookies as you please.

Cover this with foil paper and allow to set for a few hours tastes best chilled.

No bake gelatin free egg free strawberry cheesecake4

Enjoy strawberry cheesecake in a cup chilled tastes best cold.You make it make it a day ahead and refrigerate it if you have guests coming over.


  • Bringing the cream cheese and cream to room temperature is important to get the creamy consistency.I did not add any setting agents it was thick enough if you need to set it in a baking dish or a spring form pan then you would need gelatin or agar agar.
  • I used dried candied strawberries, by soaking it in about quarter cup of room temp water for a few minutes and adding the soaked strawberries with sugar to a blender with the water it was soaking.If using fresh or frozen strawberries add sugar and water and blend until smooth puree.
  • The candied strawberries were sweet enough so i have added only less sugar if you need more sweetness feel free to add more.
  •  i didn;t add any essence to the cheese layer you can add if you want.
  • I had honey flavour nestle cream i added that to make the cheese layer.

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