Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Corn pearls:B & W Wednesday

Its wednesday :) I have been looking forward to today as I need to make 2 entries today one to BWW @ thewellseasonedcook and Blog hop wednesdays@ticklingpalates .

I was admiring the corn pearls(kernels) while making some popcorn to munch in the car for a long drive.And i knew it was going to be my next entry!

Popcorn is the easiest and healthiest snack to munch on.Healthy - if you make it at home from the shop packed kernels(yes these are available check on the grains rack in shops), the ready-to-make/microwaveable ones are overflowing with oils, you do not need that amount of oil(trust me)!
Get that wok and some corn kernels and get popping :)

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