Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rose Pudding

 These are eggless little beauties and so easy that you can call them instant!I fell in love with them, when i saw it at Taste of pearl city!Until i used the china grass myself for this pudding, I had only tasted it at a muslim uncle's house for Iftar and also read about it.Its the vegetarian substitute for gelatin.And the best thing i loved about this china grass is that you do not need to freeze the pudding so set it, which makes it so usable for kids.

Its my darling LM's birthday and I'm making a sweet post.I am thinking of making a similar chocolate pudding with agar agar/china grass for the small kiddie birthday party!She's so excited about her Dora cake :)

To make about 12 mini muffin sized mini-puddings , you need

Milk 1 and half cups(250 ml)
Water 1/2 cup
China grass powder 40 gms ( i used instant china grass powder the packet is 80 gms and the instructions say to add the whole pack to 500 ml of milk)
Rose essence 2 tablespoons
Condensed Milk 2 tablespoons

Moulds or fancy bowls in which you can set the pudding( i used my muffin tray to set..i'm on the lookout for some fancy moulds)

  • Boil the china grass powder in the water until the crystals dissolve.(you have to boil the china grass well in boiling water so the gelling agent starts working)
  • Add the boiled milk(needn't cool it) to the boiling china grass liquid.
  • Next add the condensed milk and stir well until all dissolves.Turn off the heat.
  • Mix the rose essence in to the milky mix and let it rest.
  • Prepare the moulds/dishes or just a flat plate, pour the pudding mix into the moulds or just flat plate and u can cut it into the shapes of your choice.It will set in about 15 -20 minutes.

Serve beautiful puddings chilled or normally with nuts and fruits :)

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