Saturday, October 8, 2011

Candied Nuts

The festival of lights is just around the corner,as households prepare for the special days with all the pomp and splendor and the most important part of our festivals---food (of course).Households prepare fresh sweets and snacks for festivities and thats a celebration in itself and ofcourse giving away sweets to friends and relatives is always a pleasure!

I had seen Anjum Anand make these candied nuts a long time ago on tv.I thought its such a cute and quick- easy -to- make gift for friends during Diwali.

To make these you need

Jaggery 1 cup(or less)
Mixed nuts 1 cup
Butter/ghee to grease a sheet

  • Grease a cookie sheet or plate with ghee or butter and set aside.
  • Put the jaggery in about a quarter cup of water and heat it on a low flame.Continue stirring this until the jaggery has melted into a nice frothy syrup.

  • Throw the nuts in and let it coat the syrup nicely.Now put the coated nuts on the greased plate and let it dry.
  • Once they are dry you can wrap it up into small gift packs for your friends.

  • Chop them into pieces and serve them as a topping for your desserts!

Happy Diwali!

Sending this to Indus ladies for their Diwali sweets event!

and to A girl's diary

and Anuz healthy Kitchen

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