Thursday, January 30, 2014

Strawberry Oats Smoothie/Shake

A friend recently requested me to post more baby friendly dishes as she finds it extremely hard to feed her child.Since I'm also on the same boat as her I did think i should post some easy healthy recipes but the same which kids can have and we feel relieved that we've done our parts well.You can do this with milk to make it a shake or with thick yogurt to make a lassi/smoothi choose your taste!

My elder one used to be an easy kid now i realise when i have comparison!My younger one is extremely choosy and picky and if i think of it the only proper meals he has is his lunch!Now every meal needs a lot of thought and effort to get him to eat it.

Lets see how i made this

You need

To make 2 glasses

Strawberries 4-5 or more if you like
Oats half cup
Water half cup
Milk 1 cup to make the shake or thick yogurt to make a lassie
Sugar to taste

  • Cook the oats in water until soft.
  • Once cool blend strawberries and sugar to smooth puree.Add the oats blend it again and then blend again after adding milk or yogurt.
  • Serve with small pieces of strawberry added to the smoothie or shake.

Healthy strawberry shake is ready enjoy it!


  1. adipoli smoothie... really nice dee...

  2. This looks so yummy..Loved the pink colour...
    U remember you won a certificate and prize at my event..I saw that you dint even mention about it in your awards section blog..:) I would have been happy if you did that:)


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