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Divya's Guest post - Apple Chocolate Milkshake

My first ever guest post on my space by Divya of You too can cook.Most of you are familiar with Divya Pramil - she's a simple,sweet and an amazingly talented food blogger/photographer.Initially when I saw her space I would be left agape wondering how one can capture such simple things like tomatoes so beautifully, its that thing called talent and creativity that makes Divya so extra ordinary.Over the last few days we got to chat online and to my great surprise I discovered that she;s pretty closeby to my native place which multiplied my affection towards her many fold.I requested her to do a guest for me and she gave me this simple beautiful recipe.Lets see what Divya has to whipped up for us - 

Hello friends I feel so glad in sharing with you my guest post that I have made for a lovely friend and blogger Princy Vinoth. She is a very kind, down to earth, email-friend  of mine who mails me very often; we ramble about various things and our convo goes on about blogging, her lovely family specially her little kid Loritta. Our friendship sparked with a Google plus convo that later turned into email friendship. She is another humble and affectionate person that I have met through blogging who never forgets to say "hi" atleast even among busy schedules. Never in my life did I expect to come across such lovely people and I thank God and blogging for that. Am so glad to have known her and it is a pleasure for me to do a guest post for her. The best thing about this guest post is that I am the first guest on her blog and am super excited about it. She was so kind and thoughtful that she wanted mine to be the first guest post on her blog, moreover she included that any recipe would do. I am really so very honored and feel like she has honored a friend in the best way. Thank you so much for making me feel so special Princy akka. As I was thinking about a recipe to guest post at her space, her little kid came into my mind and so I made a recipe that I guessed she might love. Before I get into the recipe I would love to thank Princy Vinoth for the opportunity to guest post at her space. I enjoyed making this guest post for you akka. 

Coming to the recipe, kids usually seem to avoid fruits but they do love chocolates and so I have made a smoothie with a combo that is healthy as well as chocolaty. Your kid will never guess that there is an apple in the glass. It is not just for kids but for all chocolate lovers out there. This is a very filling, yummy and fuss free smoothie, as you just need some apple slices, chocolate powder and few minutes in hand. Try it and see them relish both health and taste. 

Serves one person
Total Preparation Time - 5 minutes
  1. Milk - 1 glass (chilled)
  2. Apple - 1/2 of a medium sized apple 
  3. Vanilla ice-cream - 1 small scoop (optional)
  4. Cadbury hot chocolate powder - 1½ spoons 
  5. Sugar - If required 
  • Peel of skin from apple and chop into smaller cubes. 
  • Add all the ingredients onto a blender and blend well until smooth. 
  • Pour into a serving glass and serve. 

TIP : You can add more apple slices if you wish to. And adjust the sweetness according to your wish. I haven't added sugar as it was sweet enough. The hot chocolate powder had enough sweetness and apples were sweet too, so add accordingly. 

Yummilicious chocolate apple milkshake is now ready!! 

Thanks again Divya for this lovely looking shake!(P.S - I already made this before i posted this and its seriously good!)


  1. Divya is one of my favourite blogger too,she is really very kind and down to earth person.

    This chocolatey apple shake sounds prefect for a chocoholic person like me,excellent drink.Wonderful guest post by Divya.

  2. wow... wonderful recipe... delicious!!

  3. wow yummy milkshake :) wonderful guest post by divya :)

  4. this is fantastic... please pass on that glass to me...

  5. Thank you so much for those lovely words akka.. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity.. :) It was a pleasure making a post for you..Hope Lori loves it :)

  6. Very good no chocolic guest post... Kudos to both of u princy n Divy... yummy smoothie...

  7. Yummy yummy:) need that whole glass divya..n nice to meet u prince :)

  8. Beautiful clicks and recipe divya sis, happy to follow you Princy :-) you have a lovely blog. Divya is really a sweetheart friend and one amazing talented person. Princy you have some great collection of recipes here

  9. Yummy yummy chocolate apple milk shake.....

  10. beautiful post divya :) thanks for sharing it..

  11. Lovely Guest Post My Divya. I love her recipes. Best wishes Princy and Divya.

  12. nice post Divya and princy. Looks delicious and nice clicks

  13. My kids will love this..Thank you ladies:)

  14. Superb guest post by Divya darling. And am thirsty right now ;)

    Kudos to you both ;)

  15. Looks Yummy Divya!
    Princy, passing on my Liebster Award to you...

  16. So delicious, Divya!! Happy to pass on the Liebster Award to you Princy!

  17. Thanks a lot for the lovely lovely wrds yu all.

  18. Wow..Lovely guest post by Divya...Looks delicious..Great effort gals..

  19. Yeah Divya is one sweet n lovely friend, i too love her photography styles n a passionate blogger!
    Thats a delicious milkshake with stunning clicks! Nice to visit here Princy after a lont time...

  20. Thanks to yu all for those lovely words and to Divya for the beautiful post.


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