Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vanilla tea shake

I was awe struck at the MM ingredients for this month.As i sat to think what to make i was totally blank.Then i took my laptop and our google is always there to help our kind.I found out that tea is actually used in many other forms other than drinking it.

I wanted to try a chai ice cream that i saw on some tv show ages ago but everyone here at home have a bad throat and so i left that alone.
I also tried a phirni with tea :) that was a joke.My not-so-tea-loving family didn't support of it at al so i thought of not posting it.

There are a whole range of Dessert teas available on the shelves all of us have seen it.I used vanilla tea to make this shake.It was really filling and a healthy morning quick fix. I love vanilla tea and peach tea.If you haven't tried it you should give it a shot.

Theres not much of a recipe here, I just made some vanilla tea i didn;t use a tea bag I didn;t have it at hand, so i boiled half a cup of  water and added about quarter spoon of tea and added a drop of vanilla essence to this and let it cool.
Then to a blender/mixie add a banana, add one cup of cold milk,the vanilla tea extract and chopped pistachios with sugar to sweeten it.Blend till smooth.I had chunks of banana and pistachios in mine and i love my shakes that way.

Enjoy vanilla shake with a cookie on a hot summer afternoon.

Sending this to MM 

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