Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fruit custard in a glass

Tired of your regular fruit custard and jelly try it this way :) Fruit custards are the most easiest desserts its always there at my place if i'm not prepared with any other desserts.More over i like it that we have some fruit and milk going in along with the rest of the goodness too.Thinking of an easy quick to make dessert for Easter this is what you must try!

May The Risen Lord fill your lives with peace and tranquillity.
Happy Easter to all my friends :)

Ever since i made my tiramisu in a glass i have fallen in love with desserts in a cup :) I wanted to try more and ofcourse want to get more indulgent in making them but I didn;t have enough ingredients so I decided to try the custard jelly combo this way and it worked like magic!

It was a better hit than making it all in one bowl :) The appearance after all does matter!(someone even snatched my portion)

Serves 3 and some extra jelly
Preparation time 30 mins  + setting time

You need
Milk 2 cups 
Vanilla Custard powder 2 tsp
Strawberry/rasberry Jelly one packet 
Sugar 2 tablespoons
Fruits - apples,bananas,strawberry
Almonds chopped

To serve:
3 glass tumblers or bowls in which you want to set the custard
  •  Mix custard powder in a bowl without any lumps and leave aside.
  • Heat milk and add sugar and mix well until dissolved add the mixed custard powder mix and stir well to avoid any clumps.You need to make this a little thick add more powder if you feel it won;t set hard so you get distinct layers.
  • Mix the chopped nuts to this and set aside.
  • Take the glasses, fill the bottoms with the chopped fruits.This forms the first layer.
  • Pour a layer of custard over this and leave in the refrigerator to set.This is the next layer.
  • Once the second layer is set, prepare the jelly as per instructions on pack and let it cool.
  • Check if the jelly mix has cooled and then pour it over the custard layer.Repeat for each of the glasses and return them to the freezer or fridge as per the instructions on jelly pack.
  • Garnish the tops with chopped almonds.

Enjoy cool custard in a glass  :) 

My tips: 
  • You can mix the fruits in cream or just leave it as it is.
  • Use any flavour custard powder that you like.
  • Use any fruits of your choice but bananas in custard are like the magical combo!

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