Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rice kheer/Pudding

Its the weekend lets celebrate :) isn't that reason enough to make a sweet dish.I didn't even wait for weekend i just made it one afternoon to beat the heat and it was super delicious and creamy.If you want to make an instant(almost) dessert this is what you should be thinking!

My DH even asked me how i've never made this before and that it was really nice.The simplicity of this dessert is what makes it so delectable.Its also fat-free except milk ofcourse.
I had some cooked basmati rice in hand and was wondering what to do with so little of it.So i remembered watching some cook on tv adding some to his phirni I didn't exactly know if that was appropriate i thought you added rice flour to phirnis anyway i thought i'll research on it later.

This kheer really surprised me because i wasn't expecting such a luscious dessert to be the outcome.If you're wondering why i'm stressing the point that its delicious so many times you have to try it first.

Preparation time:20 mins
Serves 2 generously

You need
Boiled milk 2 cups
Cooked basmati rice 1 cup
Sugar 4 5 tablespoons as per your sweet intake
Cardamom pods/elaichi 2 crushed
Saffron few strands /optional
Rice flour 1 tsp

  • Add cooked rice to the boiled milk and keep this on a low flame. Keep stirring it occasionally our aim is to nicely soften the rice so we get a creamy consistency.This should take about 10 12 minutes.
  • Add the crushed cardamom pods.
  • Try to mash the rice with a ladle and if you are to able to do it thats about enough.
  •  Add sugar and mix well cook well until all is mixed well.
  • Add strands of saffron its ok if you don't have it thats perfectly ok.
  • Sieve the rice flour into this mixture and cook for another 5 minutes.
  • Pour into desired dishes and cool for 2 hours.

Enjoy nicely chilled kheer on a hot afternoon or makes a creamy easy dessert.

- Cook rice by whatever means you are comfortable with, i cooked it in the pressure cooker.Alternately cook the rice until soft and add the milk to it.
-Since i had pre cooked rice i added it to the rice, you can cook rice directly in milk that would be even more nice and creamy

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