Friday, February 10, 2012

Banana and Dates Healthy Pancakes

I feel like munching at 4 before my tea!Since everyone's on the "healthy eating habit" , I'm trying not to have junk food(too!).Not that I can succeed too many times(but I'm trying), and an idea (*ting*) "make healthy pancakes" :) I thought why not!

So I went ahead and made these pancakes, mixing and all in about 20 minutes!

Preparation Time : 20 mins
Makes 4 pancakes

To make these pancakes, you need

Wheat flour/chapati atta 3 tablespoons heaped
Baking powder 1/2 tsp
Honey 1 tablespoon (or sugar if you like)
Banana 1 (used the small yellow one) mashed
Dates 4 (I had dates paste i used 1 tsp)
Milk about a cup
Warm water if needed
Oil 1 tsp (add butter if you like :) since i said "healthy pancakes" i added oil)

  • Mash the banana and dates into a smooth lumpy mix, now add the flour, baking powder and honey in a bowl.
  • Add enough milk to make the pancake mixture (shouldn't be too runny) and the oil (and a little luke warm water if needed to make the mix runny)
  • Check the sweetness and add enough honey/sugar as you like.
  • Grease a pan, pour a ladle-full of pancake mix on the pan, when you see bubbles form and pop on the pancake, you can flip it over and cook on a low or medium flame( since its wheat flour it darkens soon so i suggest cooking them on a low flame).

  • Serve hot with honey!
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