Sunday, February 26, 2012

Falafels and wraps~Guest post for Edible Entertainment

I was super thrilled when Kavitha@Edible entertainment asked me to make a post for her 'Cooking with Kin ' series! Its always special to do something for friends.

Thanks Kavitha for giving me my first guest post :) Kavitha has a gallery of interesting and healthy dishes.I loved her recent post on chocolate-really informative.

Falafels have been my childhood favourite.Being brought up in the middle east, shawarmas are an all time favourite.Falafels are deep fried patties/balls made of chick-peas and served with pita bread,salads and tahini based sauces.Read more about falafels here.

healthy wraps with falafels

Check out the step by step recipe posted here at Kavitha's space.

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