Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cucumber mint cooler & Awards

The summer is fast approaching and anything cool would do good to our thirsty souls.

I watched this on tv, nothing great I thought until i had it myself.The mint and cucumber impart a soothing flavour to the water rather than just having it by itself.Adding a little salt and lemon juice takes it a notch higher!

You need

Water as required
Mint leaves as required
Coriander leaves/cilantro as needed
Cucumber slices few
Lime juice of one lime
Salt to taste
Chaat masala as required

  • Pound or chop the leaves and drop in a glass or jug.Add a few slices of cucumber.Top it lime juice,salt and chaat masala.
  • Add enough water.
  • Have this cool drink as it is or chilled and rejuvenate yourself!
Sending this to EP series-Cilantro-cumin @ErivumPuliyum

I would like to thank Hema of Aromatic Cooking and Julie of Erivum Puliyum for giving me thie 'Versatile Blogger" Award.She has been generous with her encouraging words to my blog.

The rules for accepting this award are:
1. Add the Versatile Blogger Award.
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.
3. Share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.
4. Include this set of rules.
5. Forward this award to 15 fellow bloggers, and inform them with a comment on each of their blogs.

So coming to the 7 random tidbits about me:
 I started to cook after my graduation and it was always sambar and tri-color sabji during those starting days.
- When it comes to making special meals for special people i can spend hours in the kitchen.
- I feel planning what to cook for a meal is more tedious than the actual cooking bit.
- I love baking especially cupcakes.
- I would love to master bread making with yeast-the monster!
- I love to crochet :)
- I can't stay away from the blog even for a day...i'm addicted to it :)

I would love to pass this award onto a few of my good blogger friends who continue to amaze me with their kitchen experiments!
1.Surabhi Nayak @ My cook Book
2.Usha Rani @ Maha's Lovely Home
3.Simran @ LAzy Cook's kitchen
4.Vimitha Anand @ My culinary Trial room
5.Faseela @ Good Food ends with good talk
6.Julie @ Erivum Puliyum
7.Anisha @ Flavours for u
8. Sobha @ Good Food
9.Kavitha @ Edible Entertainment
10.Rasi @ Vegetarian food & Me
11.Poonam Borkar @ Kande Pohe
12.Asiya@Samaythu Asathalam
13.Vidya@Cook Like Zany
14.Sonali@Only Fish recipes
15.Sangee Vijay@SpicyTreats

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