Thursday, February 16, 2012

Crispy Bhindi/Okra/Ladyfingers

Fried bhindis/ladyfingers are really yummy, when i was young our family friend in Mumbai, whenever this aunty invited us over for lunch,she made fried bhindis and aloo tikkis (potato patties) and i used to love them both :)

I saw Anjum Anand make this on Indian food made easy and tried it immediately,its just a variation to the normal fried bhindis.

This tastes good with any dals and steamed rice.I served it with tomato curry and steamed rice.You can fry it to a soft crisp bhindi or crunchy munchy bhindis by adding more of the flours.

You need

Ladyfingers/okra/bhindi half kg
Besan/gram flour 2 tablespoons(or more)
Rice flour 1 tablespoon(or more)
Salt to taste
chili powder 1 tsp
Chaat masala to sprinkle (optional)
Oil to deep fry

 -Wash the bhindis,dry them on a kitchen towel and snip the ends of the bhindi and cut into about 2 inch pieces.
 - Sprinkle the besan,rice flour salt and chilli powder over the chopped bhindis and add a little water so that the powders coat the bhindi roughly.
- All to sit for some time and deep fry this.Drain on a kitchen napkin.

- Serve hot with dal and rice :)

- Enjoy the crispy bhindis :) 

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